Chief Technology Officer

Job description

NurseGrid believes that those who do the most important work deserve the best technology. Over the past four years, we’ve created the number one nurse app in the United States and rolled out our SaaS solution to hundreds of nurse managers. Now we are ready to go even further in 2018 by expanding our nationwide network of ~500k mobile users and rolling out our SaaS solution in the healthcare enterprise environment.

Our Team and Solution:

NurseGrid’s 34-person team includes nine engineers and two product managers who build solutions focused squarely on the needs of nurses. NurseGrid’s solution includes a free mobile app, called NurseGrid Mobile, that helps nurses track their schedule and connect with colleagues. The mobile app links up to NurseGrid’s subscription-based solution, called NurseGrid Manager, that helps nurse leaders across a variety of clinical environments communicate the team schedule, fill open shifts, swap shifts, and manage credentials, among many other functions. NurseGrid’s solution includes an enterprise option, and the majority of subscriptions are in enterprise accounts.

Tech Stack:
Our solution includes the following products:

  • NurseGrid Mobile App: iOS, native Android, web-accessible version
  • NurseGrid Manager: Web-accessible version; mobile version (React Native)

The NurseGrid platform currently consists of six client applications within two core products, communicating with a centralized RESTful, JSON-based LAMP API. We utilize a variety of AWS services and products (RDS, OpsWorks/Chef, ELB, S3, ElastiCache, VPC routing, etc.) to deliver a highly available, scalable, and secure foundation for all of our applications. Our client applications range from native mobile environments to responsive web-based SPAs.

Current technologies, frameworks, and languages the platform currently utilizes:

  • PHP, JavaScript, Swift, Java, Ruby
  • MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL
  • Swift, Java, React Native
  • Angular.js, Ruby on Rails, Slim PHP
  • Ubuntu, Apache, Chef


Responsibilities and Challenges:

As NurseGrid’s first CTO, you will have the opportunity to leave a strong impact on the company. You will be a key decision maker at NurseGrid and will be responsible for NurseGrid’s technical strategy, structure, and use of technology tools for both product and non-product initiatives. NurseGrid is a young company pursuing ambitious goals, so you will need to establish a clear vision which aids quick decision making. As the company pursues more enterprise sales, you will serve as the primary technical contact at NurseGrid during our conversations with hospital Chief Information Officers. Because of this, we will ask you to be a key participant in business strategy discussions and help chart the future of NurseGrid. At the same time, NurseGrid is not a company focused solely on enterprise accounts. Our strategy begins with giving individual nurses technology that meets some of their pain-points, then selling software to their managers, then expanding into enterprise accounts. You must keep the company at a healthy level of technical risk even as we rapidly grow our user base, expand our feature set, and add complex integrations into our software. You will oversee and work closely with NurseGrid’s Director of Engineering to ensure our development team is adequately resourced to meet company objectives.

This is a vital position for NurseGrid and demands someone who does not back down from challenges. Some early challenges you will face include:

  • Defining a technical strategy for integrating with other healthcare software and datasets
  • Leading the technical discussions with four key partners, which range from a fellow startup to a Fortune 500 company
  • Playing a key part in defining the roadmap for important enterprise feature sets, including a schedule-building tool for hospitals, data analytics for hospitals leaders, and single sign-on capability
  • Ensuring our technical documentation meets the standards required of demanding healthcare organizations
  • Refining our data security policies to satisfy the requirements of enterprise customers
  • Ensuring the Engineering Team appropriately advises the product managers on realistic expectations for development work, timelines, and technical risk
  • Advising CEO and team leaders on technical risks and feasibility of major product roadmap items

Who You Are:

  • Eager to assume leadership responsibilities, comfortable with providing insight and guidance to the entire NurseGrid team
  • Well-versed in SaaS companies and the technical challenges they face
  • Experienced with managing developers and building new products
  • Willing to jump into development tasks when the situation demands
  • Able to competently and professionally communicate with customers
  • Comfortable with being a part of sales conversations on occasion
  • Ready to give updates to company board members and key investors at board meetings
  • A strong communicator who, when necessary, can surface bad news — then work with the team in a straightforward manner to solve problems